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Improve technology experiences for a more engaged workforce





Qualtrics EmployeeXM™ helps organizations deliver exceptional technology experiences - from support chats to software - so employees are happy, empowered, and motivated to perform their best.






  • Drive job enablement and increase overall workforce productivity;
  • Improve the effectiveness of your Help Desk to create efficiencies and meet employee needs;
  • Enable global process alignment to maintain tight security and data compliance;
  • Integrate the voice of employees in technology decisions, positioning IT as a responsive company partner.






4 ways to close technology experience gaps and drive the business forward


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Optimize the everyday employee technology experience

  • Tailored data exports provide real-time access to employee feedback;
  • Key driver analysis pinpoints priority areas for improving everyday technology experiences;
  • Focus areas proactively surface opportunities to improve employee productivity and job enablement;
  • AI-powered text analytics turn employee thoughts into structured insights, with topics, sentiment scores and trends so you can act on what matters.





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Improve IT support processes, quality and perception

  • Digital intercepts and ticketing meet employees in the flow of work to gather insights on their technology experience;
  • Real-time alerts tell you right away when an employee is dissatisfied or struggling with IT-provided technology;
  • Smart routing through integrations, automated workflows and end-to-end case management enable IT teams to track progress and deliver quick, effective resolutions within existing systems.






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Ensure new implementations truly meet employee needs

  • Configurable employee survey capabilities allow you to understand pre- and post-implementation sentiment change;
  • Real-time dashboards give IT teams the data they need to focus on areas where additional employee training or support is needed;
  • Proactive alerts facilitate quick follow-ups with employees to ensure risk is mitigated;
  • Role-based targeting enables outreach to a subset of employees impacted by a specific rollout.








Make the right investments
with employee insights


  • Configurable surveys and XM Directory help quickly deploy a needs assessment to a sample of, or your entire workforce, using a single directory.
  • TextiQ uncovers technology-related needs you didn’t know about through AI and natural language processing.
  • Real-time dashboards raise employee insights on technology gaps to the surface, allowing you to make data-backed decisions on future investments.



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