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Navigate the ever-changing landscape of business and workforce dynamics effortlessly with SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central – your go-to flexible, cloud-based HRIS.

Tailored for modern and global workforces, it streamlines core HR processes, empowers with intuitive self-services, and efficiently manages time, absences, and more.

Key Features:

People Profiles and HR Transactions:

Organization and Position Management:

Time Tracking and Absence Management:

Global Benefits Administration:

Unlock the power of Employee Central – where flexibility meets efficiency, and your workforce thrives.

Improve everyday work-life for employees

Watch this short video to learn more about our core HR software – including how it can help you deliver personalized employee experiences, provide self-service access to key tasks, and improve everyday work-life.

Welcome to a new era of HR excellence. Welcome to Employee Central.

Elevate your HR management with SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central – the definitive solution for streamlined and efficient workforce operations.

Our cloud-based HRIS empowers organizations with centralized HR information, ensuring compliance with country-specific regulations. Standardize processes effortlessly, provide self-service access for users, and make data-driven decisions based on live insights.

With Employee Central, experience seamless organization and position management through intuitive tools and embedded analytics. From recruiting to succession planning and learning, this platform streamlines critical processes for optimal workforce planning.

Efficiently manage global time tracking and absence with real-time insights into attendance, balances, overtime, and premiums. Experience automated calculations, optimized scheduling, and a unified platform for global workforce management.

Navigate the complexities of global benefits administration effortlessly. Employee Central simplifies the process, delivering a consistent benefits experience worldwide while providing maximum visibility into your global benefits landscape.

Benefit from a user-friendly interface, scalability, mobile accessibility, and robust security features. SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central is not just an HRIS – it’s your partner in creating a connected, agile, and thriving workforce.

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Elevate employee performance with goal setting, feedback, and reviews. This SuccessFactors module includes tools for enhancing individual and team performance.

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