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And dedicated to achieving exceptional company results through improved business efficiency and employee motivation. With our experts, certified in the SuccessFactors platform with years of experience, we offer innovative solutions that transform the way human resources are managed.

Our mission is to provide organizations with the tools to achieve exceptional results through SuccessFactors solutions. We work with companies worldwide, assisting them in efficiently managing human resources, enhancing employee engagement, and achieving outstanding business outcomes.

Enable now and get:

• Increased employee engagement

• Understanding of the organization’s strategy and goals, as well as individual employee objectives.

• Awareness of one’s own role in the organization and the significance of employees’ contributions to the organization’s success.

• Substantial reduction in implementation costs and time

• Enhanced data security.


Our team consists of certified SuccessFactors professionals with extensive experience. We tailor solutions to meet your needs.

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We are dedicated to providing the highest quality of service and support to our clients. With us, you receive not only a technological solution but also a long-term partner on the journey to success.


We strive for innovation, keeping up with the latest technological trends to ensure solutions that are not only currently effective but also ready for future challenges.

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We offer a long-term partnership in your development. We work with you as partners on the journey to success. Your business is our shared mission.

Your Dream. Our Mission.

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SuccessFactors - Solution for the Future

Dejavniki Uspeha provides the SuccessFactors solution, used by over 8 million users worldwide. It is the future solution available today.

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Dejavniki Uspeha is proud to work with some of the most successful companies that have achieved significant results through the SuccessFactors platform.

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